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Hi. I'm Alison Stuebe, and I'm an assistant professor in the division of maternal-fetal medicine at University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I live in Chapel Hill with my husband, Geoff, and our three boys, Noah, Sam, and Max.

When I was pregnant with Noah back in 2001, I thought I'd try to breastfeed. I started residency with a 3-month-old infant at home, and I came to intern orientation with a Medela Pump-in-Style slung over my shoulder. What began as a modest plan - I wanted to breastfeed Noah for a year - became a personal challenge and a professional research interest.

As I learned more about breastfeeding, I wanted to understand its effects on mothers. I got involved with the Nurses' Health Study, working with Karin Michels and Janet Rich-Edwards to study the effects of nursing on a woman's risk of diabetes. I also got interested in how the health care system helps (or hinders) a woman's efforts to breastfeed. I joined the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition, helping with their web site design and a variety of other educational initiatives. I've also been a tireless (and probably tiresome!) advocate for breastfeeding among residents and fellows at Brigham and Women's and Mass General, working on efforts to improve education and support from prenatal clinic to the postpartum floor.

I came to Boston from Washington University in St. Louis. In my pre-medical life, I worked for a year-and-a-half as a producer at the New York Times Electronic Media Company, home of The New York Times on the Web. I spent most of my time there working on CyberTimes, an exclusive-to-the-web section of the Times' site, and I was also involved with some special projects, including a special web site on women's health.

I graduated from Duke University in May of 1995, where I was Editor of The Chronicle, the daily campus newspaper.

I started working at The Times at the beginning of 1996, after spending the fall traveling, first to the NGO Forum on Women in Beijing, China, and then on a 12,845 mile solo driving tour of the United States, featuring my 1993 Toyota Camry and a lot of AAA maps and guidebooks.

Aside from driving absurdly long distances, I enjoy writing and photography. Photos from my trip to China, as well as some (somewhat out-of-date!) writing samples, are featured on Alison's Wonderland.

I'm also a loyal Duke basketball fan. But my enthusaism for the Blue Devils pales beside that of my husband, Geoff Green, who is an attorney, and works part time from home while looking after Noah, Sam and Max.

I also tweet and blog on behalf of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

See my cv for the quick-and-dirty summary of things I've done.

See Geoff's and my wedding pictures, as well as some snapshots from our honeymoon.

In medical school, I created a smattering study tools, available from Mitochon Man Presents. For more from Mitochon Man Productions, see Residency Web

For the 18 months I was at the NYT, most of my work revolved around CyberTimes.

Other projects included

The 1996 Olympics and The Republican Convention

Issues '96
A guide to the issues in the 1996 presidential campaign, regretably the most boring political battle in history. But lots of nifty application -- alas, none of which work anymore.

My last project at the Times was a special site on Women's Health, which included a cool interactive feature looking at data on major causes of morbidty and mortality for women.

When I was at Duke, I spent my waking hours at The Chronicle--which is also where I met Geoff.

Elsewhere in Alison's Wonderland, you can read about my experiences at the NGO Forum on Women and sample writing from CyberTimes and The Chronicle.

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