I spent most of my senior year in college exploring the online world, first in a class called "2001: A Media Odyssey," and then as a research assistant to Katherine Fulton, preparing for Harvard's Nieman Foundation conference, "Pubilc Interest Journalism: Winner or Loser in the Online Era?"

After graduating, I spent 18 months working for The New York Times on the Web, producing content for the daily electronic edition of the newspaper, as well as for exclusive online special projects.

I left the new media world in 1997 for medical school, but have remained connected to a variety of projects as a producer, and of course as a consumer, of web culture.

Having watching the web explode from its early days as a hangout for computer science students to its current commercial incarnation, I've been fascinated by what power this medium provides for new voices and alternative ideas--and by how quickly it has been colonized by media moguls like my former employer, The New York Times. What can the web do for journalism? For democracy? For entertainment? Some early musings follow....

On Cyberspace

What is Hypertext Really Good For?
How often does hypertext contribute to telling a story, rather than simply give you more information? As a senior editor at Time/Warner put it, "We have yet to cry in front of a computer screen in anything other than frustration."

What's Changed Since the Philadelphia Inquirer Published "America: What Went Wrong?"
Text of my speech to the Nieman Foundation conference in May 1995, on changes in journalism during the past three years.

Beyond the Hype: Notes on the Future of CyberJournalism
My term paper for 2001: A Media Odyssey, featuring lots of excerpts from late-1994 newsgroups on the proto-commercial net.

The Virtual Community:
Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier

By Howard Rheingold. Published in 1993, this treatise on electronic communities provides a fascinating vision of a networked future, conceived before the web was trendy or commercial.

Nieman Foundation Home Page
The Internet home of the Nieman Foundation, "the oldest mid-career fellowship program for journalists in the world."

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