I hate to say "I'm a writer," because the term connotes snooty people wearing black turtlenecks and sipping lattes while making profound comments about the state of the universe. But I own a black turtleneck, I keep a journal, and I love coffee. So I guess I'm trying.

It all started in fourth grade, when Mrs. Fishman, an English teacher I continue to villify, gave me a B- and said I couldn't put my thoughts down on paper coherently. I was devasted, and to exact revenge, I have spent the intervening decades trying to prove her wrong. I edited my high school newspaper and then my college newspaper. I got an internship as a metro reporter at The Washington Post, and then I worked at The New York Times. As a producer for their electronic media company, not a reporter. Details.

I still can't put words down on paper coherently, but fortunately, computer technology has come a long way since 1983, when I was programming an Apple II+ in basic. So I type words on a screen, somewhat coherently. Samples follow.

Medical School Musings

Trauma Call
Fall 1999

Winter 1998

Winter 1998

Articles appearing in The New York Times on the Web

Chicago Clinic Buoys Women with HIV
October 19, 1998

Collectors of Early Arcade Games
Move Parts and Passions Online

October 2, 1997

The Infinitely Patient Computer Teaches Problem Students to Read
September 26, 1996

'Internet Alley' Brings Convention to the Web
August 15, 1996

The Struggle to Teach Virtual Ethics
April 24, 1996

Why Johnny Can't Tell Copyright From Wrong
April 24, 1996

New Media columns appearing in CyberTimes

Lifeboats of Content in a Sea of Neon and Glitz
July 3, 1996

I Link, Therefore I Am (Seeking Hypertext's Meaning)
May 4, 1996

Essays & Stuff

Why Ob/Gyn?
Fall 2000
The dreaded "Personal Statement" for residency applications...

Cheerios, or Why I Want to Be a Doctor
Fall 1996
... and the dreaded "Personal Statement" for Medical School.

Musings on life,
From The Chronicle's Op-Ed page

The Journey Continues
March 31, 1999
As I jumped on the Duke women's hoops bandwagon last Monday night, screaming and cheering for Nicole Erickson, Michele VanGorp and Georgia Schweitzer, I couldn't help wondering what it would have been like to be a 10-year-old girl watching them in March of 1999.

All I really need to know
I learned at The Chronicle

May 24, 1995
By my sophomore year at Duke, I was calling for transfer applications. The Chronicle is the only thing that kept me there.

There's more to life than a
New York Times obituary

February 6, 1995
I don't think I would have cared about getting eliminated from the Rhodes Scholarship competition if I had known that was the last day I'd see Nic Benjamin alive.

May 26, 1994
Highlighters should shoulder at least as much of the blame as MTV for Generation X's short attention span and anti-intellectual leanings. Neither existential thought nor Marxist rhetoric can fit within the confines of a fluorescent-ink universe.

For more from The Chronicle, search the archives for a comprehensive listing of what I wrote for the paper in college.

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